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"By integrating Intel oneAPI into QCT* DevCloud, QCT has not only elevated its DevCloud's capabilities but also accelerated customers' ability to tap into the immense potential of HPC and AI technologies. This reinforces our unwavering dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions together with Intel."

— Mike Yang, president, QCT


"QCT DevCloud offers a comprehensive HPC AI environment that empowers users to delve into QCT's innovative hardware platforms and solutions, while harnessing the potential of Intel® Software Development Toolkits. This integration culminates in a robust software stack that greatly amplifies productivity throughout users' development journey."

— Stephen Chang, associate vice president of Cloud Application Research and Development, QCT


QCT's oneAPI DevCloud migrates from being an enterprise on-premises cloud solution provider to an OpenLab concept in 2022 after demonstrating the capability to fine-tune performance-optimized results for several HPC workloads such as NWP and molecular dynamics using the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC toolkits. The OpenLab project phase will focus on validating heavier HPC and AI workloads such as OpenFOAM, VASP, AI Reference Kits from Intel, etc. for organizations like government entities and academic science research centers. With Intel® oneAPI Base, HPC & AI Analytics Toolkits, QCT oneAPI DevCloud users can profile and optimize their code to its fullest potential on cross-architecture converged HPC and AI platforms. oneAPI not only helps developers to increase performance and productivity but also lowers their development costs by facilitating code reuse and reducing time spent reprogramming.

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