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"Using Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit, we successfully migrated code, which requires heavy processing and is extensively used in ultrasound diagnostics solutions, to SYCL*. This is a big step forward on the way to a single, open, standards-based programming model for heterogeneous computing. The migrated code efficiently runs on different GPU platforms and achieves competitive performance. We are looking forward to further collaboration and innovation with Intel® toolkits."

— Arcady Kempinsky, lead software architect at GE Healthcare*

"With oneAPI, you can now develop these solutions once but then actually deploy them with very minimal rework on this very heterogeneous compute fabric with many different computer architectures. That's really powerful and that can really be a game changer for us."

— Roshni Bhagalia, vice president, Product Management for the Edison Platform

"We see oneAPI as potentially becoming a de facto industry standard to program heterogeneous compute systems and we believe that using oneAPI actually provides us with ability to port our code across multiple architectures and even multiple vendors, saving potentially millions of dollars in configuration cost as well as many, many years of engineering effort that we would have to invest if we'll have to completely rewrite this code from one programming model to another."

— Evgeny Drapkin, chief engineer of Compute

"A unified programming model like Intel’s oneAPI can go a long way in accelerating the hardware and software ecosystems. We especially welcome how Intel is driving this as an open initiative and look forward to working closely with them to increase adoption in a collaborative manner."

— Dani Pinkovich, algorithm group manager, GE Healthcare