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"We decided to collaborate on the integration of Intel® Open Image Denoise. We had strong demand to integrate Intel Open Image Denoise from some of our customers who are praising its speed and quality. Arnold already ships with two denoisers, which we thought it would give our users an interesting additional choice, Intel Open Image Denoise being deep learning accelerated and running on CPU. In Arnold 6 we had recently introduced a new post processing framework called images. We used it for 2D post effects such as glow or color correction and it’s the perfect place to integrate Intel Open Image Denoise. The implementation was very easy and we were very happy with the results. The quality and speed of Intel Open Image Denoise really helps with interior scenes. Because we can denoise so quickly, it can also be used in IPR [interactive photorealistic rendering]… In conclusion, I’d like to thank Intel for these amazing contributions to Arnold. We are really excited about the ongoing collaborations with the Arnold team at Autodesk."

— Frederic Servant, senior software development manager