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"We're seeing encouraging early application performance results on our development systems using Intel® Max Series product family GPU accelerators—applications built with Intel® oneAPI compilers and libraries. For leadership-class computational science, we value the benefits of code portability from multivendor, multiarchitecture programming standards such as SYCL* and Python* AI frameworks such as PyTorch* accelerated by Intel libraries. We look forward to the first exascale scientific discoveries from these technologies on the Aurora system next year."

— Dr. Timothy Williams, deputy director, Argonne Computational Science Division

"The future of advanced computing requires heterogeneous hardware to maximize the computing power needed for exascale-class workloads. The oneAPI industry initiative Intel is spearheading will ensure that programming across diverse compute architectures is greatly simplified."

— Rick Stevens, associate laboratory director, Computing, Environment, and Life Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory and professor of computer science, University of Chicago

"Pursuing scientific discoveries on the very fastest architectures should not be limited by closed, proprietary software programming models. Having a common open standard is the most efficient path to enabling performance portability across DoE’s next-generation supercomputers. We want to make our capabilities accessible to all researchers—using DPC++ supporting SYCL* does that."

— Kevin Harms, team lead for I/O Libraries & Benchmarks, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF)

“CRK-HACC is an N-body cosmological simulation code actively under development. To prepare for Aurora, the Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool allowed us to quickly migrate over 20 kernels to SYCL. Since the current version of the code migration tool does not support migration to functors, we wrote a simple Clang tool to refactor the resulting SYCL source code to meet our needs. With the open source SYCLomatic project, we plan to integrate our previous work for a more robust solution and contribute to making functors part of the available migration options."

— Steve (Esteban) Rangel, Hardware/Hybrid Accelerated Cosmology Code (HACC), Cosmological Physics & Advanced Computing, Argonne National Laboratory