Florian Reibold

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Updated 12/6/2022
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Florian Reibold is a ray tracing software engineer who works on the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit. He contributes to Intel® Embree, where he is involved in porting, testing, and validating for Xe Architecture for Intel® GPUs. Florian has a background in physically based Monte Carlo rendering. His PhD on importance sampling and path guiding techniques is from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. Florian's research interests include high-fidelity XPU rendering and practical variance reduction, and path guiding techniques for physically based Monte Carlo rendering.


Selective Guided Sampling with Complete Light Transport Paths

Line Integration for Rendering Heterogeneous Emissive Volumes

Rich Virtual Point Light Sources for Improving the Versatility of Many-Light Methods

Physically Meaningful Rendering Using Tristimulus Colors