Stefanie Reuter

Intel® Certified Instructor




Stefanie Reuter is a software engineer at the University of Cambridge in the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab. Her work focuses on different workstreams, including GPU porting, IO at scale, and data streaming from remote locations. She is also involved in the United Kingdom (UK)-wide Excalibur projects.

In the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab, high-performance computing (HPC) experts and leading technology companies come together to address the difficulties in moving from petascale to exascale, while enabling the technologies to make zettascale possible. The lab assists UK-wide research by providing access to state-of-the-art hardware and software support, and offering individual consultations and regular trainings and workshops for users and students.

Stefanie has a background in applied mathematics, numerical simulation, and HPC within computational fluid dynamics.

Location: UK


  • Data Streaming
  • Education
  • GPU Porting
  • HPC
  • IO at Scale
  • Performance Profiling and Optimization

Instructor Certification

  • oneAPI C++ SYCL* Essentials
  • OpenMP* Offload Basics