Mohammad Mostafanejad

Intel® Certified Instructor

Types of Service

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Dr. Mohammad Mostafanejad is the lead software scientist in high-performance computing (HPC) education, AI, and machine learning at the Molecular Sciences Software Institute. He is also a certified instructor and university ambassador at the NVIDIA* Deep Learning Institute and Intel with contributions to major commercial and open source quantum chemistry software packages such as Q-Chem and Psi4. His most recent effort involves development of a machine learning software infrastructure for the Simulation Environment for Atomistic and Molecular Modeling (SEAMM) project.

Location: United States


  • AI
  • Deep Learning
  • GPU Accelerators
  • HPC
  • Machine Learning
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization

Instructor Certification

  • oneAPI DPC++ Essentials
  • OpenMP* Offload Basics