Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks September 2018

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Updated 9/4/2018
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Share and collaborate on projects and connect with the brightest minds on the Developer Mesh community site.  This month’s top picks display the variety of ways that Intel® Software Innovators are using the latest technology for artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT) to design safety products, glean business learnings and create digital art experiences.

Smart Navigation Gloves

hardware in palms

Due to our reliance on smart phones, distracted driving has become a huge concern worldwide.  In an attempt to improve road safety, Innovator Shriram KV is developing Smart Navigation Gloves which use LEDs to indicate to the wearer which way to go.  This type of technology helps people like delivery drivers in unfamiliar areas make their way to their destination without having to constantly take their eyes off the road to check their phone.  Future phases of this project include adding a payment acceptance feature for delivery drivers as well as extending the technology to visually impaired pedestrians.  While huge value can be obtained from smart devices, ensuring they are used in a safe manner is of utmost importance. 

BOXX the CX Robot

boxx robots

Innovator Silviu-Tudor Serban understands that outstanding customer experiences are all about emotion.  He has built a robot that understands how customers feel to help businesses keep them happy, loyal and eager to return.  BOXX is a computer vision and AI-driven solution for customer experience understanding that runs on premise, in real-time using the OpenVINO™ toolkit to automatically process the in-store experience and convert it to valuable and actionable feedback.  By helping retail businesses identify problems in their customer’s acquisition journey, BOXX empowers them to provide improved services and long-term value. 


beach drone view

Autonomous drones and the aerial view they offer can impact many safety areas.  Innovator Enno Lohmeier has come up with a way to assist lifeguards by monitoring the waters of swim areas searching for anomalies such as missing or endangered swimmers.  The BeachDrone can be programmed to fly a pre-determined route over the swim area and alert lifeguards, or other authorities, if their visual recognition system picks up any irregularities.  Due to the vertical view into the water, reflections are largely eliminated and high-resolution cameras allow viewing several meters down making this an easy way to monitor.  Because the drone is autonomous, the lifeguard doesn’t have to worry about controlling it via remote and can work as normal, initiating life-saving measures immediately upon receipt of an alert.

Robot Prayers

robotic face

The story world of Robot Prayers is filled with the adventures of ever-evolving virtual and real characters seeking the truth of who they are.  Innovator Audri Phillips and her collaborators seek to forward the understanding of AI and address ethical questions that AI brings up.  Through immersive, interactive performances in VR domes, the development of AI and robotics is explored through a technology-conscious sci-fi fantasy story of hybrid identities in a world where man and machine are melding.  As a multimedia project using mixed reality technologies, this virtual world embraces both research and experimental art.

Vehicle Advanced Monitoring System


Black boxes on airplanes and submarines are invaluable in determining the cause when things go wrong.  Innovator Avirup Basu is recreating a similar system to use in personal vehicles.  The Vehicle Advanced Monitoring System (VAMS) allows monitoring of a vehicle’s data remotely while also storing the data for future assessment of driving and terrain conditions, and in case of a mishap, be used to understand what went wrong.  While insurance companies and other parties would be interested in this information, another use could be parents of new drivers or delivery business owners wanting to monitor driving activity and dash-cam recordings.

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