Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks Apr. 2017

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Updated 4/20/2017
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Every month I pick out 5 projects from Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. With dozens of new projects being added each month there are always tons of great new ideas to check out – everything from ideas on how to use a new piece of technology, to fully formed ideas that are working to going to market, to opportunities to collaborate with others on exciting new ventures. I hope you’ll join me in discovering the amazing innovation that is happening in this community.

Face It

Being from Portland, one of the most beard-friendly cities in America, I can easily see Pallab Paul’s app becoming very popular among millennials, hipsters, and more across the country. For men who want to change up their hairstyle, or their facial hairstyle, this app easily gives you recommendations tailored just to you. Using facial recognition technology, and a bit of information supplied by you, the app will recommend hairstyles and facial hairstyles that fit your face shape and skin coloring so you can get the right look for you. The app is even tied in to provide styling product recommendations and even point you to the nearest salon.

TEOT (The End Of Tomorrow)

I’m a little bit obsessed with all things pertaining to “the end of the world as we know it” and this game by Alice Mo of Edsenses definitely fits in that genre. As humans have advanced into cyborgs, this 3D game pits humans versus robots to gain back their lives and humanity. Using a vivid 3D environment and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, this game brings the story to life as you become the ordinary person turned hero that tries to save the world.


Options. That is what Eskil Steenberg wants to do with his Unravel project. By re-engineering the fundamental internet protocols, Eskil wants to provide another option to the internet as we know it. He wants to create an open source mesh distributed database that is secure, provides privacy and verifiability, and allows you to build anything you want on top of it with API access to the data. This is quite the project to take on, but in today’s political climate and seemingly daily privacy breaches I am glad that someone is taking a look at creating other options for us to use.

My Burger Biz

Everyone loves a good burger! Frida Dwi Iswantoro has created this burger business tycoon game so you can test the waters and see if your signature recipe burger is a winner. Experiment with ingredients to see if your customers like your food. Remember to stay stocked up on all the things you need so you don’t run out and have angry customers. Watch your sales data to see if you can succeed in the burger biz. Who knows, maybe the practice from the game will get you ready to drop the money for your own food cart selling burgers some day!

Secure SMS

Andres Martinez is designing a group of technologies that provide security and app-ability to SMS messages so that you can send sensitive information between a cloud server and a mobile application. Because the messages are sent over the SMS channel they don’t require internet connectivity, and the encrypted messages are transmitted in the form of a link so when received they invoke and launch the related app to conveniently complete the delivery of info. With growing concerns on who can see your data, including border patrol when entering the US and other countries wanting to see your phone and all its data, this may be the way of the future in terms of securing your sensitive information.

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