New Case Study: Optimal Design with 5x Performance Boost

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Updated 2/14/2018
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In the competitive world of CAD/CAE, high performance is everything. Optimal design of a product with dozens or even hundreds of components is what determines its quality, usability, and competitiveness―and can even help it save human lives. Getting to the optimal design quickly is another key to success.

DATADVANCE  is a company that provides software products for high-end CAD/CAE model optimization―with a wide range of intellectual data analysis, predictive modeling, and design optimization services for customers in industries like aerospace, automotive, biomedical, electronics, and others.

A key contributor to the flexibility of the company’s flagship pSeven* platform is its full scriptablility with Python* pSeven Core*. And when DATADVANCE tested Intel® Distribution for Python*, it found a new way for its customers to find the speed they need―boosting performance up to 5x over the standard Python distribution.

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