Carestream Deploys Hyper-converged Cloud Storage for Medical Images

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Updated 9/5/2018
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In healthcare organizations, one of the challenges is to give clinicians quick and easy access to medical images, while controlling the cost of storing and managing them. Carestream* found that replacing a Storage Area Network (SAN) with software-defined storage can help enable greater flexibility and more scalability, while improving reliability. At the heart of the solution is the Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 processor, with Intel® SSDs to accelerate performance and improve reliability.

The new architecture significantly increased ease of deployment by eliminating the SAN, and reducing the requirements for servers, fabric, software licenses, power and physical space: 

  • The data center footprint was cut from 22U to10U in the racks, reducing costs
  • Processing power was increased by an estimated 3 times, enabling up to 3 times more studies to be processed on the default configuration1

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