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Intel® oneAPI Level Zero

The objective of the Intel® oneAPI Level Zero (Level Zero) Application Programming Interface (API) is to provide direct-to-metal interfaces to offload accelerator devices. Its programming interface can be tailored to any device needs and can be adapted to support broader set of languages features such as function pointers, virtual functions, unified memory, and I/O capabilities.
Most applications should not require the additional control provided by the Level Zero API. The Level Zero API is intended for providing explicit controls needed by higher-level runtime APIs and libraries.
While initially influenced by other low-level APIs, such as OpenCL™ API and Vulkan*, the Level Zero APIs are designed to evolve independently. While initially influenced by graphics processing unit architecture, the Level Zero APIs are designed to be supportable across different compute device architectures, such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and other types of accelerator architectures.

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