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Intel-Specific Pragma Reference

Pragmas specific to the
Intel® oneAPI
are listed in the following table.
Most Intel-specific pragmas support host code only unless otherwise noted.
are available for both Intel® microprocessors and non-Intel microprocessors, but may perform additional optimizations for Intel® microprocessors than for non-Intel microprocessors.
Enables or disables loop blocking for the immediately following nested loops. block_loop enables loop blocking for the nested loops. noblock_loop disables loop blocking for the nested loops.
Instructs the compiler to prefer loop distribution at the location indicated.
Specifies inlining of all calls in a statement. This also describes pragmas forceinline and noinline.
Instructs the compiler to ignore assumed vector dependencies.
Specifies the iterations for a for loop.
Prevents a loop from fusing with adjacent loops.
Specifies that a particular loop should never be vectorized.
Conditionally calls a procedure offload variant if the specified device is available; otherwise, executes the procedure on the host.
Invites the compiler to issue or disable requests to prefetch data from memory. This pragma applies only to Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).
Tells the compiler to unroll or not to unroll a counted loop.
Enables or disables loop unrolling and jamming. These pragmas can only be applied to iterative for loops.
Tells the compiler that the loop should be vectorized according to the argument keywords.

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