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Use a Third-Party Compiler as a Host Compiler for SYCL Code

This content describes the steps needed to use an external host compiler (G++) along with the
Intel® oneAPI
In this example, you will use a host compiler to generate the host objects and perform the final link. The host compiler needs to know where to find the required headers and libraries. Follow the example instructions to build a SYCL program using a G++ Compiler (
) for host code and an
Intel® oneAPI
icpx -fsycl
) for SYCL code.


This example includes the following:
  • a.cpp
    : SYCL code
  • b.cpp
    : SYCL code
  • main.cpp
    : C++ code
  1. Follow the Get Started with the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit for Linux guide to set up the build environment:
    The build environment requires GCC version 5.1 or above to be installed and accessible.
    source /opt/intel/oneapi/
  2. Set up the headers and library locations:
    export LIBDIR=<Location of> export INCLUDEDIR=<Location of SYCL headers>
  3. Build the objects for your device:
    icpx -fsycl -c a.cpp -fPIC -o a.o icpx -fsycl -c b.cpp -fPIC -o b.o
  4. Create the integration header files (used by the host compiler):
    icpx -fsycl -fsycl-device-only -Xclang -fsycl-int-header=a_host.h a.cpp icpx -fsycl -fsycl-device-only -Xclang -fsycl-int-header=b_host.h b.cpp
  5. Create the host objects:
    g++ -std=c++17 -c a.cpp -o a_host.o -include a_host.h -fPIC -I$INCLUDEDIR g++ -std=c++17 -c b.cpp -o b_host.o -include b_host.h -fPIC -I$INCLUDEDIR
  6. Compile other C++ code (or non-SYCL code) using G++:
    g++ -std=c++17 main.cpp -c -fPIC -I$INCLUDEDIR
  7. Create a device object:
    icpx -fPIC -fsycl -fsycl-link a.o b.o -o device.o
  8. Optional step. Create an archive
    that contains the necessary host and device objects:
    ar -rcs libuser.a a_host.o b_host.o device.o
  9. Perform the final link to create a
    g++ main.o a_host.o b_host.o device.o -L$LIBDIR -lOpenCL -lsycl -o finalexe.exe
  10. Optional step. Build the
    with an archive:
    g++ main.o -Wl,--whole-archive libuser.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive -L$LIBDIR -lOpenCL -lsycl -o finalexe.exe


Windows is not supported in this release.


The compiler has two options that let you use an external compiler to perform host side compilation. The options are:
  • fsycl-host-compiler
    : Tells the compiler to use the specified compiler for host compilation of the performed offloading compilation.
  • fsycl-host-compiler-options
    : Passes options to the compiler specified by the option

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