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  • 2022.2
  • 09/08/2022
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SYCL range can only be a 1D, 2D, or 3D vector. Adjust the code.

Detailed Help

This warning is emitted when the number of dimensions of memory in the original code exceeds 3. Since SYCL* range supports only 1, 2 or 3 dimensions, the resulting code is not SYCL-compliant.
To fix the resulting code you can use the low-dimensional arrays to simulate high-dimensional arrays.
The following fix example demonstrates how to use a 3D array to simulate a 4D array.
The following migrated DPC++ code:
// migrated DPC++ code: dpct::constant_memory<int, 4> array(dimX, dimY, dimZ, dimW); void kernel(sycl::id<1> idx, dpct::accessor<int, dpct::constant, 4> const_array) { ... ... = const_array[x][y][z][w]; ... }
is manually adjusted to:
// manually adjusted code: dpct::constant_memory<int, 3> array(dimX, dimY, dimZ * dimW); void kernel(sycl::id<1> idx, dpct::accessor<int, dpct::constant, 3> const_array) { ... = const_array[x][y][w * dimZ + z]; ... }

Suggestions to Fix

You may need to rewrite this code.

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