Installation Guide

  • 2022.3
  • 09/08/2022
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Some domain-specific toolkits require you to install the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit first for full functionality. Get the toolkit installer from the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit download page. You can complement it with additional toolkits for specialized workloads. Refer to the Intel oneAPI Toolkits page to get the list of all available oneAPI toolkits.
You can choose one of the following installation options from the toolkit download page:
  • Offline installer
    downloads all tools in the complete toolkit. Recommended for host machines with poor or no Internet connection.
  • Online installer
    enables you to customize your toolkit. The online installer downloads a smaller installer file and requires Internet connection on a host machine.
Each of the installer types operates in various modes, which are covered later in this section.
When using the offline installer, you can enable full offline mode by setting the environment variable
. When this mode is enabled:
  • Installer does not send installation statistics
  • Download-only mode is disabled
  • Upgrade mode is disabled
You can also install oneAPI packages using package managers.

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