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  • 04/11/2022
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Run Pre-Compiled Sample Applications

In addition to libraries, the
Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
provides pre-compiled sample applications to highlight toolkit features. These pre-compiled applications often use external graphics libraries to show features in an interactive mode. In this section, learn to run the pre-compiled interactive applications.

Run Pre-compiled Interactive Applications

  • Run a pre-compiled
    with Intel® OSPRay.
    demonstrates basic rendering of an interactive scene with Intel OSPRay. It has GUI controls that you can toggle to explore Intel OSPRay features.
  • Run a pre-compiled
    with Intel® Embree.
    , as other Intel Embree samples, demonstrates core ray-tracing compute capability. Use the
    to explore Intel Embree features.
  • Run a pre-compiled
    with Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library (Intel® Open VKL).
    demonstrates basic rendering of an interactive scene with Intel Open VKL. It has GUI controls typical for volume rendering visualization.

Run Intel® OSPRay Studio Showcase Application

Intel OSPRay Studio combines Render Kit libraries into a state-of-art showcase application. Try the pre-compiled Intel OSPRay Studio application before exploring the source code to use it for your own projects.
Intel OSPRay Studio features:
  • A reference scenegraph for loading, storing, and transforming scene geometry, textures, and parameters in an interactive environment
  • GUI-based scene instrumentation for rendering parameter control of an interactive application
  • C++ plugin infrastructure for custom controls
  • Input/output: Wavefront OBJ, GLTF*, HDR textures with OpenImageIO*, static image output
  • Intel Open Image Denoise post-processing passes with the
    library from Intel OSPRay
  • Python* bindings to script rendering
  • Camera animation controls
  • Multi-node rendering with MPI

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