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  • 04/26/2022
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How it Works

Intel® Edge Software Configurator
software tool provides a graphic user interface for configuring and optimizing workloads running on the host machine, enabling easy container and virtual machine creation and management, as well as performance statistics visualization
. Selected configuration profiles can then be deployed to multiple edge nodes, with onboarding of devices and monitoring of workloads through the tool's graphic interface.
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
features are organized to match the development journey. In Configure and Optimize
, you iterate on configurations for the workloads running on the Host Machine until optimal performance is achieved. The next step is deploying the selected configuration to multiple machines, or Edge Nodes, to test and monitor workload performance at greater scale. Monitoring Edge Nodes performance over time, you can fine-tune configurations, iterating as much as needed.
Go to Install and Launch Intel® Edge Software Configurator to download and install the tool.


Intel® Edge Software Configurator
has a modular architecture that relies on components developed by Intel as well as widely adopted Open Source components.
  • Package management of Edge Software Packages is done through a container that allows you to install, update and delete packages using the
    Intel® Edge Software Configurator
    graphic user interface.
  • Container management is enabled using the open source version of Portainer*. Portainer* comes with a Server and an Edge Agent that allow you to manage all Docker* resources (Containers, Images, Stacks, etc.). The communication between the Agent and Server is done through the creation of a reverse SSH tunnel.
  • Virtual Machines management is enabled by a Virtual Machine Server and Virtual Machine Agent, which allow you to create, delete and perform other virtual machine operations. All communications between the Agent and the Server are done through a secure SSH tunnel using PostgreSQL* to handle the public and private keys.
  • The telemetry information is gathered using collectd*, which collects performance data, real-time data from devices and sends it to the InfluxDB* database. Collectd* is also deployed with Virtual Machines and Edge Nodes to enable monitoring workloads. The visualization of the data is done through Grafana*.
  • The BareMetal plugin is enabled by Intel® Edge Software Provisioner (Intel® ESP). It allows Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), systems integrators, and developers to automate the installation of a complete operating system and software stack on BareMetal or Virtual Machines using a just-in-time provisioning process.
Indicates this functionality is in Feature Preview. It is under development and may have limited capabilities.

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