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Use Logging Mechanism

Intel® Edge Software Configurator
provides various log files that you can use to evaluate any failures that might occur during installation or during runtime. This section describes how to access and use the log files.
The Edge Software Configurator package was previously named
. Some screenshots, commands, and file paths in this guide still use
at this time.

Installation Logs

The log files listed below are provided for various components during installation.
  • install.log
    - Main log file that contains all the installation steps.
  • components.log
    - Log file that contains logs for all the services and containers of
    Intel® Edge Software Configurator
  • collectd.log
  • containerized-vm.log
  • edge-software-manager.log
  • esh-installer.log
  • esm-server.log
  • spice-web.log
  • vm-agent.log
  • vm-server.log
  • rni.log
You can find these logs in this location:
is the main log file to be checked in case of installation failure, as this log file will have all the steps of installation.
file stores the logs of all the services and containers of
Intel® Edge Software Configurator
The remaining log files contain image build logs of respective components. For example,
will have the build logs of vm-agent and vm-server component respectively, and
will have the logs of gui console of VM desktop.

Runtime Logs

Once the setup and installation are successfully completed, if a failure occurs during runtime, you can fetch the running container logs to know the cause of failure.
Enter the command below to get the list of running containers with details:
sudo docker ps
Enter the command below to fetch logs from running containers:
sudo docker logs <container_name>

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