Unleash Your Data Center

For Intel® Xeon® CPU with FPGAs

Peer inside a server rack in one of today’s most advanced data centers—whether public cloud or private enterprise—and you might be startled to find ICs from a whole new category: Intel® FPGAs. They are there—on server boards next to CPUs, in network adapters, or in dedicated acceleration planes—for just one reason. Intel FPGAs break open bottlenecks.

These pinch points may be software loops that demand enormous amounts of computations. Or they may be congested spots in the data center network, where exploding traffic levels and new processing tasks leave applications spinning, waiting for data. Either way, they are the sworn enemies of the data center’s most important metrics: response time to client applications and total cost of ownership for operators.

Intel FPGAs burst open these bottlenecks with a combination of microarchitectural flexibility, massive parallelism, huge data bandwidth, and rapid reconfigurability. As workloads and traffic pattern shift, Intel FPGAs can anticipate needs and bring optimized hardware acceleration to bear on the critical points. Read on to see how Intel FPGAs can burst the bottlenecks in the applications most vital to you.



Intel FPGAs at Work in the Data Center