Intel® Processor-Based Workstations for Blender


  • What systems are there for professional 3D artists?

  • Follow your inspiration on a workstation built for Blender.

  • Count on Intel innovations to bring out the best of Blender.

  • Benefit from Intel’s longstanding partnerships.

  • Improve your creation experience with the latest connection technologies.



What Systems Are There for Professional 3D Artists?

Not many out-of-the-box systems can live up to the expectations of hardcore 3D artists. Most gaming or entertainment systems are not ideally configured for 3D animation rendering. Running Blender and other animation software on these systems can cause 3D scenes to intermittently freeze, or even crash. Viewport images can be blurry or pixelated. Output processing can take a long time.

Adding peripherals—such as a drawing tablet, multiple monitors, or a three-button mouse—can impact application performance. Unfortunately, consumer systems might have limited ability to add or upgrade processing, memory, and graphics.

A laptop fits the bill nicely when your everyday office is somewhere on the road. But portability is the least of your worries if your system struggles to handle animated 3D scenes.

Follow Your Inspiration on a Workstation Built for Blender

Intel desktop and laptop workstations are designed to fit the way you work. If you are a professional Blender artist working in media and entertainment, count on an Intel-based workstation to let you focus on your passion for creating.

  • Expert workstations: Expandable tower workstations provide the highest level of performance and scalability for the most demanding 2D/3D animations, 8K film editing and production, and live broadcasts.
  • Mainstream workstations: Configurable tower workstations deliver high performance for 2D/3D animations, game development, film/video editing and production, and multimedia authoring.
  • Entry workstations: Tower, all-in-one (AIO), small, and mini form factors let office and mobile users choose the workstations they prefer for 2D/3D content creation, including animation, film, video, and multimedia.
  • Mobile workstations: Laptop workstations provide the ultimate mobile platform for demanding 2D/3D animations and visual effects.

Count on Intel Innovations to Bring Out the Best of Blender

Intel-based workstations are purpose-built for demanding 3D animated workflows for film, video, and games. Multithreaded Intel processors can accelerate data preparation so that Blender runs smoothly. Powerful CPU processing helps speed up denoising and ray tracing.

High-performance CPU processing greatly benefits the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit (Render Kit). The Intel Open Image Denoise (OIDN) library has rapidly become a staple solution for 3D rendering engines such as Blender Cycles. OIDN uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce high-quality image renders. Intel processors help fast-track AI training, which can help significantly decrease render times. Blender also supports Intel Embree. This ray-tracing library can help significantly reduce rendering times, with no loss of image fidelity (Figure 1).1

Figure 1. Beginning with Blender 2.90, you can use Intel Embree to significantly speed up ray-tracing rendering.

And you can expect even more performance benefits from the Intel® Arc™ Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Intel Arc GPUs can significantly improve your viewport experience with real-time, photorealistic rendering. Preview refractive materials, dense geometrics, subsurface scattering, or particle effects for isolated objects in viewport, without having to undergo a full render of the entire scene.

It’s no secret that Blender workflows siphon off every bit of processing and memory your hardware can deliver. Intel-based workstations have you covered with built-in expandability. These workstations support multiple peripherals without causing problems for your 3D workflows. And with Intel-based workstations, you can upgrade processing, memory, and graphics components as you progress to longer, more complex projects.

Benefit from Intel’s Longstanding Partnerships

As a Patron Member of the Blender Development Fund, Intel works with Blender to “provide creators an optimal experience on modern CPUs and GPUs.”2 A collaborative partnership brings 3D creators into hardware testing and development. Blender power users tax Intel processors, memory, and other hardware with the most severe and advanced media-creation workloads.

With an Intel-based workstation, you can feel confident that Blender and other software and plug-ins will work together as intended. That’s because OEM partners help ensure that Intel processors are OEM-certified across major ISV applications.3

Improve Your Creation Experience with the Latest Connection Technologies

  • Intel Wi-Fi 6/6E offers the latest connectivity technology, so you don’t have to compete with legacy devices, baby monitors, or microwaves for network access4
  • Thunderbolt™ 4 provides expandability at high bandwidth for connecting high-speed devices5