Mother-Daughter Duo Study Artificial Intelligence Together



From the start, the Good family has been interested in technology. Years ago, Isela (Penny) met her husband while she was working at a semiconductor manufacturer in Arizona. When the young couple started a family, Penny decided to stay home with the kids while her husband, Andrew Good, got a job working in the semiconductor industry. Now, the Goods have nine children, the youngest one still in diapers, and Penny has started thinking about what she wants to do when she re-enters the workforce. 


One day, an opportunity presented itself to learn a cutting-edge new skill when Penny heard about a new Intel program. In partnership with Intel, the Maricopa County Community College District has developed certificate and degree programs for AI. This program seemed like a perfect opportunity for Penny to reskill while preparing her youngest child to enter kindergarten. This program was also a chance for one of the Good daughters, Stacy, to learn a new skill and prepare to enter the workforce for the first time. 

Together, Penny and Stacy enrolled in the new AI program. “Thanks to my parents, I’ve always been interested in computers,” Stacy said. Now, she’s learning about AI, machine learning, and innovative ways to implement them in the real world. She even did a presentation on how to use AI to detect eye disease. “We’re always sharing our ideas for presentations and class projects,” Penny said. “I get to learn something new with my daughter every day, and, as a mother, that’s an incredible feeling. I would recommend this program for any families looking to share in a new experience and learn about technology together.”

Learn more about the program here