Intel’s Non-Confidential Disclosure Agreement Form

Non Confidential Disclosure Agreement

The undersigned wishes to submit to Intel Corporation (hereinafter called “Intel”), for acquisition of rights therein, certain ideas or suggestions entitled _________________ and described in documents identified as follows: It often occurs that submissions to Intel are closely related to work which it is independently carrying on and that, in spite of the complete good faith of all parties, misunderstandings and conflicts of interest may arise. Therefore, the undersigned agrees that this submission to Intel is made under the following conditions:
• The submission documents to be identified above may be a copy of a complete patent application, a drawing, a photograph, a publication, a physical embodiment, a Stenographic statement of a verbal presentation, a complete written description, or other.
• The acceptance of such a submission by Intel for its consideration imposes no obligation upon Intel. All rights and obligations of Intel and the undersigned are expressed solely by this document and/or by any later written agreement signed by an officer of Intel. No oral representations or agreements by anyone shall be binding on Intel.
• The submission will not be received by Intel in confidence, nor will its consideration by Intel give rise to any confidential relationship between the parties. In the event that no agreement relative to the acquisition of rights by Intel is reached, Intel’s rights and liabilities will be determined solely under the Patent Laws.
• The negotiation for, or the offer of purchase, rights in the submitted disclosure by Intel shall not prejudice Intel in any way in the event that no agreement is consummated.

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