Essential Skill Overview: Sense of Wonder

Develop a sense of wonder to become more innovative.


Have you ever walked through a pile of leaves and just listened? Or through nature, and stopped, and just paused? Have you ever looked at the stars in the night sky and just saw how many there were and how small you were? I mean, it may seem cliché, but when's the last time that you stopped to smell the roses, or any flower for that matter?

To stop, to wonder, to have a childlike view of the world can be a bit magical. But we typically don't. We don't pause. Instead, we hurry around. We work harder being busy, whatever busy is. We get caught in the mundane, the ordinary, the unimpressive, and we find ourselves here all too often.



But what if we could change that?


Well, to start, we could. We just need to look at the world with a sense of wonder, like a child does. There's actually plenty of studies on this very subject, and what they found is that when adults look at a problem through a childlike lens, they get way more creative ideas.

And not just creative ideas, but divergently creative ideas. These are those out of the box, wacky, crazy good ideas that we all want. Just by looking at the world like a child. That's the power of having a sense of wonder.

So, in your work, in your hobbies, or anywhere that you want more creativity, I challenge you to do this one thing, to think like a child would, to look at the world like a child would. My guess is that you'll find more creativity--


--more wonder, and probably more smiles, too.

When you start to look at what was ordinary in this new, childlike, extraordinary way, when we have a sense of wonder, that is an essential skill that we all should learn.