The power of a sense of wonder /sens/ sense a feeling that something is the case /wəndər/ won·der a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable FUTURE SKILLS RELATED ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Flexibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Inspiration VIDEO: Develop your Sense of Wonder senseofwonder IT’S A FACT. Studies have shown Try it: that when we fully As you work through your project guide, think about how you can become more innovative by looking at immerse ourselves things with a sense of wonder. in joyous doing—as opposed to anxious BEFORE YOU BEGIN: mulling—we can • Think about a time where you were stunned by something amazing, beautiful, or new. become more creative. • What was it and why did it create a sense of wonder in you? Peter Himmelman. • What is something that is really amazing (wondrous) that you used to think was amazing but now you pass “How Thinking Like a Kid Can it by without giving it much thought? Spur Creativity” 16, Oct. 2016 • If someone from the 1800’s came to your house what would they be most dazzled, amazed, or have the most wonder over? how-thinking-like-a-kid-can-spur-creativity/ WHILE YOU WORK: • What parts of your project deserve you to slow down, pause and give some wonder to? • Think about how a kindergartener would view your project, problems, and what they would think is really cool. • Look for intriguing parts, purposes, and complexities of your project or task that you are working on. Extend It: • Keep trying to pause while you work and look at your problem with new and fresh eyes. Need more WHEN YOU ARE DONE: • How did looking at your task, project, or problem with more of a “sense of wonder” possibly change your direction or give you a new solution to a problem? • Reflect on this: What other part of your life can you slow down in to "smell the roses", to look at problems differently, or to just have more wonder in?