Intel® Future Skills Project Passport.

As you complete each project, pat yourself on the back, share it with someone else, and then celebrate your efforts by checking off each project icon. Keep up the great work by picking your next Intel® Future Skills Project. What will you do differently this time? As you complete each one, continue to check off the appropriate icon until you complete your Project Passport. Keep dreaming, keep drawing, and celebrate your failures as you build your way to a new and more powerful innovation mindset. Your Intel® Future Skills journey starts now. TINKERING SKILL UP DESIGN INNOVATOR GLOBAL ISSUES FUTURE SKILLS Scribblebot Paper Engineering Game On! My New Ride Upcycle Product Design Cardboard Arcade Paper Circuits Home Scavenger Hunt Toy Hacking Design Fort Theme Park Redesign Homegrown Hydro Gift Giving Redesigning the Hospital Gown All Kinds of Slime Lunar Lander Copyright © 2021 Design Case, LLC