Innovation for all

Intel employees are encouraged to volunteer.

The Intel Foundation awards cash grants based on volunteer hours reported by its employees. Are you an Intel employee looking for volunteer opportunities or want to report your hours?


Established in 1988, the Intel Foundation has a strong history of championing learning across disciplines and communities.

Promoting inclusion and social justice to ensure opportunities for all

With access to technology and training, it’s true that anyone can be an innovator. We believe the next generation of innovators should be more diverse by gender, race, ethnicity, geography, ability, and social class.  

Recognizing that no one organization has the solution to society’s most critical issues, the Intel Foundation supports strategic funding of evidence-based, data-driven collaborative solutions that advance the inclusion of socially marginalized and disadvantaged groups, creating pathways toward a more just society with opportunities for all.  


Working with the boldest and brightest in academia, non-profit (NGOs), and
governments, we challenge institutional biases and the status quo to create and
deploy solutions. Through these efforts, we foster a more just and inclusive

  • Support for a diverse community of innovators using technology to solve
    global problems
  • Programs that inspire girls and women to pursue tech fields, helping to
    close the technology gender gap
  • Development of competitive workforce skills for disenfranchised youth

New Collaborative Model in Arizona

Intel is bringing together U.S. leading organizations in new ways to increase access for middle school girls by helping them prepare for technology, engineering, and computer science studies in high school and beyond. We are proud to announce the results of our new Request for Proposals process to provide $1 million to coalitions of eight leading partners working to drive collective action to inspire and empower middle school girls from disenfranchised communities in Arizona.

A philanthropy strategy that includes our employees

In alignment with our dedication to inclusion, Intel employees are a critical part of our philanthropy efforts. The Intel Foundation amplifies Intel employees’ investment of time, talent, and giving to increase social impact around the globe.

Meet the Board of Directors and Officers


President, Intel Foundation
Director, Corporate Affairs Group

Pia Wilson-Body


Corporate Vice President
Chief Marketing Officer


Vice President, Finance
Gary Kershaw


Executive Vice President
General Manager, Product Assurance and Security

Leslie S. Culbertson


Senior Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer

Matthew M. Smith

The Intel Foundation envisions a world where every person has an opportunity to engage in all that technology makes possible, and thrive in our ever-changing world.


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