Intel® One Mono

A monospace font designed to reduce eyestrain

Download Intel® One Mono

  • Easier to read and available for free

  • Open-source font license on Github*



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Easier to read and available for free, it has an open-source font license on GitHub.

When Intel developers asked for their own monospace font, we looked for ways to make our efforts more than just another (type)face in the crowd and offer it to all developers.

Identifying the typographically underserved low-vision developer audience, we designed the Intel One Mono typeface for maximum legibility to address developers' fatigue and eyestrain and reduce coding errors.

Key design characteristics that increase legibility:


  • Character differentiation: letters and coding glyphs designed to increase the differentiation between “like” characters. For example, the lowercase ‘e’ and cap ‘G’, where both shapes are prone to be confused with others and need extra clarification. These treatments reduce the need to skip back and confirm what’s been read.
  • Differentiated upper- and lowercase height: unlike most monospace fonts that have increased x-heights, our research showed that bigger differences between capital and lowercase letters, along with longer ascenders and descenders could help create more radical “word-shapes.”

We invite the community to use the typeface and provide insights on daily use, what you would like to see changed or what you would like to see added in future releases of the typeface family. Comments can be posted at the Intel One Mono GitHub repository.