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What Do Users Want? 8 PC Features That Deliver the Best Employee Experience

Key Takeaways

  • Employees expect their devices to have long battery life and recharge on the fly.

  • Hardware-based security and remote manageability give IT the tools they need.

  • Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design provides the best experience for users and IT in the hybrid workplace.



There are eight critical factors that determine how employees work—and whether they’re able to get the most out of their computing devices.

1. Fast and powerful performance isn’t negotiable.

High-octane workdays require technology that delivers peak performance consistently. Devices on Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design feature high-performance 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, instant wake, consistent responsiveness, premium video and audio components, sleek form factors, and broad ecosystem compatibility. Laptops on Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design offer myriad configurations that deliver crucial functionality for different roles and personas.

2. Long battery life and fast recharging are crucial.

Employees expect that they will be able to connect to data, information, and knowledge at any and every moment of the day. This translates into a need for long-lasting devices and the ability to recharge devices on the fly. Laptops on Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design are designed to last nine hours or more while achieving four hours of battery life with only a 30-minute charge.2 But that’s only part of the story. Artificial intelligence (AI) optimizes application performance to maximize battery life, whether it’s browsing the web, participating in a video chat, or crunching numbers in a spreadsheet.

3. AI-powered noise-blocking makes sense.

Airports, coffeehouses, homes, client sites, and other locales aren’t the quietest or calmest places to work—it’s especially distracting when someone is trying to interact with colleagues and customers. Thanks to AI, laptops with Intel technology have an advantage. An onboard Intel® Gaussian and Neural Accelerator (Intel® GNA) in Intel microprocessors applies state-of-the-art noise cancelation to block out unwanted sights and sounds. This makes communication more professional while reducing performance overhead that can drain batteries.3

4. Stable connectivity is a baseline for business.

In today’s business environment, the ability to connect and interact with the world is essential. Getting online is only part of the picture. Employees require a variety of wired and wireless connections, based on their specific needs at any given moment. Laptops on Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design deliver best-in-class connectivity, through Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt, USB, Firewire, and more. This helps ensure that the fastest possible input/output and data transfers take place while minimizing latency and interruptions for transactions and interactions.

5. Efficient multitasking is essential for productivity.

The demands on today’s personal computers are enormous—and they continue to grow. It isn’t unusual for a professional to run a half-dozen or more applications simultaneously—especially while video conferencing and working collaboratively with a team. The CPU must keep up with these demands. The latest generation of Intel Core processors are equipped with a new technology to optimize performance. Intel® Thread Director, a combination of hardware and software, assists the underlying operating system in coordinating tasks.4 The result is reduced latency and improved efficiency.

6. Sustainability shouldn’t be an afterthought.

As organizations ramp up sustainability efforts and employees actively seek efficient and green computing solutions, achieving a lower carbon footprint is essential. Forrester reports that 40% of PC-purchasing decision-makers say that attracting talent revolves around sustainability-focused corporate values.5 Intel minimizes carbon footprint across the product lifecycle—from system design and manufacturing to packaging and asset retirement, including recycling and disposal.6

7. Built-in security reduces concerns for employees.

It’s no secret that malware—including potentially crippling ransomware—has reached epidemic levels. Ponemon Institute reports that only 27% of business leaders surveyed believe traditional, signature-based antivirus solutions provide the protection needed to stop serious attacks.7 Intel vPro delivers sophisticated security technologies that aid an organization and its employees. Intel® Hardware Shield thwarts BIOS-level attacks and offers total memory encryption, machine learning (ML)-enhanced threat detection to spot dangers at endpoints and on systems, and ML-based memory scanning to detect other anomalies.8

8. Sophisticated remote management simplifies life for employees.

Remote work offers clear advantages for both companies and employees. Yet it also boosts IT challenges and introduces the need for robust remote endpoint management. Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) comes out of the box with devices on Intel vPro. Intel AMT enables remote management and controls, even when a PC is sleeping; predictive and real-time diagnostics; cradle-to-grave lifecycle management; and secure power-on for patching and maintenance.

Experience Matters

Increasingly valuable but complex work arrangements—including remote and hybrid work—require a technology foundation that’s equipped to get the job done. Employees have high expectations about the personal computers and other devices they use. They demand high performance, security, and reliability. PCs on Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design help ensure IT has the tools they need—and employees receive the best possible user experience.

Find out how Intel and its partners can provide technology optimized for today’s hybrid workspace with Intel vPro, an Intel Evo Design.