Real-Time Analytics Examples

This video highlights how two Intel customers are doing amazing things with real-time analytics running solutions built on Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers. FarmLogs is using analytics to help farmers get the most out of every acre; Pacific Northwest Seismic Network is using analytics to better understand earthquakes.

Today's farmers are faced with the gargantuan task of growing more for more people on the same (or shrinking) acreage. FarmLogs is using real-time analytics to help growers make this possible—providing immediate data on harvest, growing condition, and vegetative health, for example. Their data center, built on Intel® infrastructure, is enabling data-driven decision making that a few short years ago was impossible without supercomputing capabilities.

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network uses monitoring equipment placed around Washington and Oregon to get real-time data on seismic activity. While this will not eliminate earthquakes, it will minimize the damage and save lives by giving people as much warning as possible so they can take preventive steps.

These customers are using their data centers as a way to bring big ideas to life and build a better world.