Match Every Application to Its Optimal Architecture with XPU

Applications are changing how we live and work. Ideally, every application’s performance, latency, and power needs are matched to the optimal hardware architecture (CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC), but this creates complexity. To help, Intel not only offers the widest array of hardware architectures in the industry, but a unified programming model to reduce the complexity.

Today’s Applications Demand an XPU Strategy

The “X” in “XPU” stands for any compute architecture that best fits the need of your application. Whether the application is for a PC, a car, or a robotic arm, you want a seamless experience.

Today’s applications require a mix of hardware architectures, with new languages, libraries, and tools to learn. Intel is the first to introduce an XPU strategy, offering the widest array of hardware architectures in the industry and a unified programming model to reduce the complexity.

With XPU, Intel is helping turn the promise of anywhere, anytime service delivery into a reality.

See the Intel XPU Strategy in Action

Protecting Reefs with Project CORaiL

Project: CORaiL analyzes coral reef resiliency using underwater smart cameras and analytics powered by Intel® Movidius™ VPUs, Intel® FPGAs and CPUs, and the Intel® Distribution of the OpenVINO™ toolkit. The real-time assessment offers an unparalleled view into the coral reef’s health.

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oneAPI Fosters Early Success

In one example of the value of oneAPI, a bioinformatics team ported 95 percent of hand-tuned CUDA code in one day. In another, a start-up in France turned a serial algorithm into a massively parallel application running on CPUs and GPUs by changing one line of code.

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Innovate Like a Pro with Azure and Intel

Building, testing, and deploying applications isn’t always easy. What if you could use Microsoft Azure AI software tools, choose from the best hardware options Intel provides, and then quickly run your great idea from edge to cloud? Azure and Intel have got you covered.

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