Easy Ways to Benefit from the Intel vPro® Platform



The Intel vPro® platform offers many benefits to IT departments, who must often do more with constrained resources. The Intel vPro platform integrates a suite of transformative technologies that delivers business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security, modern remote manageability, and PC fleet stability.

You might already have these technologies at your fingertips if your enterprise is using devices built on the Intel vPro platform. But how do you know if you’re getting all that the Intel vPro platform offers? What actions do you need to take to enable and activate the features you want?

In some cases, you don’t need to do anything—certain devices from manufacturers and ISVs already have the benefits of the Intel vPro platform built in. In other cases, you can extract much more value from the platform by enabling or activating technologies that are part of the Intel vPro platform.

This article explains the first category of benefits (the “low-hanging fruit”): those that come straight out of the box, and that you can take advantage of with little or no IT action.


One built-in benefit is business-class performance. You don’t need to do anything to gain the advantages of long battery life, support for Wi-Fi 6 on laptops, or CPU/graphics processing unit (GPU) optimizations to support artificial intelligence (AI). Intel vPro platform technologies such as Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) enable software makers to use AI and machine learning (ML) without a degradation in performance.


Another immediate benefit: PC fleet stability. Rigorous testing by Intel of the various hardware components in your PCs helps ensure that devices built on the Intel vPro platform deliver a reliable and stable foundation for smoother fleet management and refresh cycles on a global scope.
Moreover, the Intel Stable IT Platform Program (Intel SIPP) helps ensure that each Intel vPro platform release will be supported and available—globally and in quantity—for at least 15 months. So when you upgrade to a newly released Intel vPro platform generation, you’ll be able to acquire more of the same hardware for your fleet throughout the buying cycle.


Most Intel vPro platform security features require little to no IT action and are part of Intel® Hardware Shield, implemented by OEMs, ISVs, or partners. Intel Hardware Shield is a suite of hardware-enabled features that extends security below the operating system (OS) and provides advanced threat detection and app and data protection. It helps reduce the risk that a bug or vulnerability in firmware (which lies below what the OS or security software can see and monitor) could be used to inject malware into the platform at runtime and hide that code from traditional client security solutions. Intel Hardware Shield helps detect and protect against advanced threats like ransomware, cryptojacking, and control-flow hijacking.

Other Ways to Benefit

As you can see, the Intel vPro platform provides many benefits to IT teams that don’t require much or any upfront configuration. Other features can be enabled, too, with a little more effort. Our handy guide, “For IT: A How-to Guide to the Intel vPro® Platform,” walks you through these steps so you can start getting the most out of your technology investments.

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