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Enabling More-Flexible Collaboration Spaces in the Hybrid Workplace


  • Integrating collaboration spaces with unified communications platforms is critical to facilitating collaboration.

  • The Intel Unite® solution provides interoperability for your meeting spaces while streamlining both internal and external collaboration.



The Emerging Hybrid Workplace

Businesses were dramatically disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the change was rapid and unexpected, many were able to make the switch to remote work smoothly and without a dramatic business impact.

As organizations continue to refine their remote work strategies, the hybrid workplace is emerging as the next critical collaboration challenge.

In the hybrid workplace model, employees have freedom to work from anywhere, including in the office. Today’s workers expect to have the option to work from wherever makes the most sense for their day or their productivity preferences. Employers are responding with a new model that untethers workers from a single location.

Supporting and enabling this approach is a key priority for many organizations. Of course, security remains a critical concern. As users move away from IT-controlled networks, risks increase. Businesses need ways to enable collaboration while keeping shared content secure and controlling meeting access.

Collaboration Space Challenges

For an ideal hybrid workspace experience, collaboration spaces need to be able to connect to popular unified communications platforms. Modern businesses rely on a mix of these platforms, so supporting multiple platforms from a single in-room device is critical. Spaces that only support one unified communications platform have less value in the hybrid model.

Support Multiple Conferencing and Unified Collaboration Platforms with One Device

The Intel Unite® solution provides support for a variety of unified communications and conferencing platforms to make meeting space integration easier and more cost efficient.

Many enterprise organizations are using the Intel Unite solution to simplify collaboration, connect distributed teams, and more. It’s a seamless collaboration solution for both in-office and remote workers that offers easy content sharing and real-time annotation. No dongles, adapters, or wires are needed.

You can use it in collaboration spaces of any size and up to four participants can share content to the same display simultaneously.

Since it runs on any PC with an Intel® Core™ i5 or higher processor, the Intel Unite solution is easy to deploy too. In-office users can take advantage of the option for ultrasonic joining. Hosts can start and control meetings directly from their personal device.

In addition to unified communications platform integration, the solution’s open architecture supports a breadth of other apps for camera controls, lighting and temperature controls, digital whiteboarding, and more. The list is always growing.

From the user’s perspective, the experience is streamlined and easy, no matter where they are. Regardless of how they’ve joined the meeting, they have the same viewing experience. The Intel Unite solution supports PCs with Windows 10, macOS, iOS devices, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Linux-based (Fedora, Red Hat, and Ubuntu) devices.

Hybrid Workplace Security and Manageability

The Intel Unite solution is designed to deliver more security and manageability.

All content shared across Intel Unite software is secured by end-to-end TLS encryption to help protect meeting data. Configurable, rotating PINs ensure that only the people invited to a meeting can attend. Protected Guest Access enables partners, vendors, and customers to attend without accessing the corporate network.

IT staff can also remotely manage, update software, and troubleshoot from the Intel Unite solution admin portal to help save time and reduce costs. Telemetry data can help them better understand collaboration space utilization too.

See the Intel Unite Solution in Action

Find out how you can deliver an easy, open, and extensible hybrid workplace collaboration experience by requesting a guided tour of the Intel Unite solution.