Fast access to the files and applications you use most

Intel® Smart Response Technology is a feature of Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) that enables either a dual drive—lower-cost, small-capacity SSD used in conjunction with a low-cost, high-capacity hard disk drive (HDD)—or a solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) to provide a high-performance, cost-effective storage solution.

For dual drive storage solutions, Intel Smart Response Technology recognizes and automatically stores your most frequently used applications and data into the SSD, while giving you full access to the large storage capacity of an HDD. You can create, work, and play faster than ever before without paying more for a larger SSD to store your entire digital library.

SSHDs are a new type of HDD with a built-in high performance SSD. Intel Smart Response Technology boosts SSHD performance by informing the drive which data you use the most so it can store it into the built-in SSD.

How it works

Intel Smart Response Technology caches data I/O blocks to the SSD that benefit the most from acceleration—for example, your most frequently used applications, games, and OS data. This feature differentiates between multi-use or high-value data—such as application, user, and boot data—and low-value data, such as data accessed by background tasks. Low-value data does not typically offer any responsiveness benefits to you, and therefore is not inserted into the cache. This selectivity facilitates more efficient use of the available cache capacity and maintains optimum steady-state performance even across system shutdown and reboots.

Easy to set up. Easy to use

If you have a computer with an HDD only that utilizes Intel Rapid Storage Technology, all you have to do is connect an SSD or replace the HDD with an SSHD and enable drive acceleration. The friendly user interface makes it easy to install and manage. Intel Smart Response Technology works with any SSD—even older ones—as long as it is at least 16 GB in size. Intel Smart Response Technology works with most SSHDs that have a minimum flash capacity of 8 GB.