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The AMI TruE™ Trusted Environment Platform Security Solution enables foundational security and confidential computing using Intel® Software Guard Extensions technology.



Enabling financial institutions to share information about risks and illicit actors in real-time while adhering to privacy protections.

Consilient anti-fraud detection


Secure data collaboration in the cloud. Combine, analyze, and share sensitive data with anyone.



Powered by Intel Software Guard Extensions, Fortanix Self Defending Key Management System.

Self-defending Key Management System

G-Core Labs

Protect virtual machines and bare-metal servers with Intel SGX. Support available in Moscow, Luxembourg, and Ashburn.


Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel® Processors is a virtualized platform that offers a full security run-time solution, which isolates and protects customer domains. We offer a full range of security controls that provide improved availability through more deterministic QoS, greater data confidentiality through hardware accelerated memory encryption with a secure integrity chain of trust for the runtime environment.

Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel Processors


Securely share, pool, and process data. Build privacy-protecting solutions with ease. Conclave is a revolutionary new platform from R3 that enables the development of solutions that securely pool and process sensitive data from multiple parties. Conclave-powered applications are so secure no one sees the source data without permission—not even the app builder.



Comprehensive Machine Identity Management Platform securing the private keys corresponding to the TLS certificates using Intel® Software Guard Extensions technology.

Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP*)

Cloud Service Providers

Microsoft Azure

Optimize for confidentiality at the application level with Intel SGX. Lift and shift existing applications into secure enclaves. Use confidential nodes with containers supported by Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Manage keys confidentially using Azure Key Vault with managed HSM. Get runtime support for confidentiality with the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX).

Azure confidential computing


IBM Cloud™ Data Shield enables users to run containerized applications in a secure enclave on an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service host, providing data-in-use protection.

Data shield

OVH Cloud

OVHCloud offers Intel SGX to deliver advanced hardware and RAM security encryption features, meaning you can isolate parts of the code and data that are specific to each application. By enabling this feature, you will protect your software and most sensitive data against divulgation and modification.

SGX on bare metal


Confidential Computing at Swisscom built a secure document exchange & smart contract system. Swisscom cloud platform cryptographically secures the exchange and transfer of trading documents to your counterparties. Securely, privately and quickly!




HPE enabled Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX®) in their NEW ProLiant Gen10 Plus Platforms to address this and offer their Confidential Computing platform.

Gen 10 plus w/Intel SGX