Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility
CPUID Data Tab

The CPUID Data Tab reports the following information:

  • Brand name
  • Classification (See descriptions below for Type, Family, Model, Stepping, Revision)
  • Cache size and levels
  • Packaging
  • Multiprocessor support, and total number of processors (Windows NT*, Windows XP*, and Windows 2000* only)
  • Other features and technologies

Classification Descriptions:

  • Type
    Indicates whether the Intel processor is intended for installation by an end-user or professional system manufacturer.
    • Type 1: End-user installation.
    • Type 0: Professional system integrator, service company, or manufacturer installation.
  • Family
    Identifies the Intel processor generation and brand. (For example, the Pentium® III processor is a sixth generation processor.)
  • Model
    Identifies the processor manufacturing technology and design generation. This information is used to help determine the internal designation of the processor.
  • Stepping message
    Identifies design or manufacturing revision data for production Intel processors. This information is used to determine the internal design or manufacturing characteristics of the processor.

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Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

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