Intel® Pentium® II Xeon® Processor
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End of interactive support
Intel is announcing the end of interactive support for the Pentium® II Xeon® processors. See the End of Interactive Support Announcement for details.

The P6 family of processors is the generation of processors that succeeds the Pentium® line of Intel processors. This processor family implements Intel's dynamic execution microarchitecture; which incorporates a unique combination of multiple branch prediction, data flow analysis, and speculative execution. This enables P6 family processors to deliver higher performance than the Pentium family of processors, while maintaining binary compatibility with all previous Intel Architecture processors. The P6 Family includes the Pentium® III Xeon® processor, Pentium® II Xeon® processor, Pentium® III Processor, Pentium® II processor, Pentium® Pro processor, Intel® Celeron® processor, Mobile Intel® Pentium® III processor, Mobile Intel® Celeron® processor, Mobile Intel® Pentium® II processor, and Mobile Pentium® processor.

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Intel® Pentium® II Xeon® Processor

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