Intel® Pentium® II Xeon® Processor
Intel® 440GX AGPset AGTL+ Layout Guidelines

End of interactive support
Intel® is announcing the end of interactive support for the Pentium® II Xeon® processors. See the End of Interactive Support Announcement for details.

The Pentium® II Xeon® processor is a follow-on to the Pentium® Pro and Pentium® II processors and is the first 100 MHz Slot 2 processor. The Intel® 440BX AGPset and Intel® 440GX AGPset have been designed to provide a high-performance memory, Advanced Graphics Port (AGP), and I/O subsystem for Pentium II Xeon processor based systems. The Intel® 440BX AGPset integrates a memory controller that supports up to 1 Gbyte of main memory (Intel® 440GX AGPset supports up to 2 Gbyte).

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Intel® Pentium® II Xeon® Processor

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