Networking Connectivity
XircomŽ 10/100 Network+Modem 56 PC Card Adapter (XEM5600)
Multifunction Adapter Misidentified as Standard PCI Card Modem


  • Adapter is misidentified and installs as Standard PCI Card Modem.
  • Exclamation Point (!) shows on Modem of Xircom 10/100 Network + 56K Modem PC Card in Device Manager
  • Exclamation Point (!) shows on Network of Xircom 10/100 Network + 56K Modem PC Card in Device Manager

Installation failed


1) Uninstall the Xircom® 10/100 Network+Modem 56 PC Card Adapter (XEM5600)

Manually remove the installed components from Microsoft Windows* 2000 as follows:

Start the computer WITH the XEM5600 adapter inserted.

Open Device Manager by:

- Clicking Start, select Settings, then click Control Panel
- Double-click the System icon in Control Panel
- In System Properties, select the Hardware tab
- Click the Device Manager... button
- Click the plus sign (+) next to Multifunction adapters
- Remove the Standard PCI Card Modem
- Close the System Properties box.

In Control Panel, double click the Modems icon. Remove all references to the XEM5600 by selecting each entry and clicking Remove. Also, remove Standard PCMCIA Modem if listed.

Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Explore. In Windows Explorer, select the folder, then perform the function, as follows:

In the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS folder, delete:

In the C:\WINNT\INF folder, delete:

In the C:\WINNT\INF folder, delete:

In the C:\WINNT\INF folder, rename the following files to an .ORI extension:

In the C:\WINNT\INF folder, delete:
Any OEM*.INF files (Only those pertaining to Xircom. Also, write these file names down for the next step.)

In the C:\WINNT\INF folder, delete:
OEM*.PNF files with the same names as those .INF files deleted in the previous step. For example, if OEM1.INF pertained to Xircom so you deleted it in the previous step, then you must also delete the OEM1.PNF file (Searching won't work for these files. You must physically navigate to them.)

(*): The OEMx.INF file(s) might have a corresponding OEMx.PNF file(s). In both of these files the "x" is a number 0 to n, and both use the same number. If an OEM1.INF (for example) appears as a result of the search, then a matching setup file OEM1.PNF might also be present. Because it contains only machine code, it is not included in the search results; however, it must be deleted.

Note: The WINNT\INF directory is hidden by default. To view this directory open Windows Explorer. Select Tools from the Toolbar, choose Folder Options from the menu, select the View tab, and click the Show all files radio button. Click Apply then OK to return to Explorer.

Warning: The following procedure changes the system registry. Incorrect changes to the registry can result in loss of data or system operation. We strongly recommend making a copy of the registry before proceeding. Please consult your Microsoft documentation for detailed instructions for creating a registry backup.

In the following registry path descriptions, HKLM refers to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Start the Registry Editor:

- Click Start, select Run, and type in REGEDIT.
- Click OK

Delete the following keys from the registry:


The \CurrentControl and CEM56 keys, may have one or more numerical keys (00x) and (x) displayed.
(Where x=blank, or any number greater than or equal to 1)

Close the Registry Editor.
Shut down the computer and remove the Xircom card.

2. Reinstall the (XEM5600)

Install the XEM5600 as follows:

Start the computer WITHOUT the XEM5600 adapter inserted. Allow Windows* 2000 to boot fully.
Place the Xircom CD into the CD-ROM drive or be sure that you know the full path to the directory where the XEM5600 driver files are located on the hard drive.
Insert the XEM5600 into the computer's PC Card slot. Windows will automatically detect the presence of the card and indicate that it has found new hardware.
Follow the on screen instruction to complete the installation.

The XEM5600 card entries are listed as follows under Device Manager:

Modem of Xircom 10-100 + Modem 56 K Modem PC Card

Multifunction Adapters:
Xircom Multifunction 10/100 Network + Modem 56K Modem PC Card

Network adapters :
Network of Xircom 10/100 + Modem 56K Modem PC Card

Relevant Information:

Microsoft Windows* 2000 Professional

This applies to:

XircomŽ 10/100 Network+Modem 56 PC Card Adapter (XEM5600)

Solution ID: CS-003511 (1.0.4356176.3549380)
Last Modified: 07-Oct-2013
Date Created: 26-Dec-2002
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