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XircomŽ CreditCard ISDN Adapter (CI-Euro)
Warranty information

In April 2004, Intel announced that Interactive support for the Xircom® CreditCard ISDN Adapter (CI-Euro) would end at midnight, June 1, 2004. Interactive support will be discontinued at that time. Third-party companies, such as DIGI International (Digi International*) currently offer compatible driver support and technical assistance.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty that was included with CI-Euro product purchases will continue to be honored by Intel through DIGI International (Digi International*).

Product Code Description
CIEURO CreditCard ISDN Adapter (2B+D), Multi-Lingual)
CIEUROSW CreditCard ISDN Adapter (2B+D) with RVS-COM software, Multi-lingual)


Intel will continue to honor the warranty for the original retail purchaser through DIGI International (Digi International*). The same or similar product or original purchase price will be provided to the original purchaser at DIGI International's discretion with proof of purchase.

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XircomŽ CreditCard ISDN Adapter (CI-Euro)

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