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Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter
Configuring ISL VLANS in Windows* 2000 Problem

When configuring ISL VLANS with a PRO/100 Intelligent Server adapter in Windows* 2000, communications to the vlan(s) fail.

A problem was discovered in the vlan driver that is contained in the 100VW2K.EXE archive that prevents ISL VLANS from working properly on Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapters. A workaround is provided below and the next release of drivers will contain the fix. This applies to the following driver versions: e100snt5.sys v2.30 ivlanw2k.sys v 2.27 prosetp.cpl v3.142


  • Update the driver for the Intelligent Server Adapters with the drivers contained in 100VW2K.EXE on the website. This will install PROSet and the ivlanw2k.sys drivers that are required to configure and use vlans.spacer graphic
  • Using PROSet, configure the vlans.spacer graphic
  • After updating the driver and configuring the vlans, use regedit1 to add a new dword value "DontUseMulticastAll" and set the value to 1 at location HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\iVLANProtocol\Parameters\Adapters\<adapter id>\, where <adapter id> is a long string of letters and numbers. There will be one of these for each physical adapter that is configured for VLANs. The setting needs to be in all of them.spacer graphic
  • Restart the system.
1Regedit is a Microsoft utility and can render a system unstable. See Microsoft for warnings on using regedit.

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter

Solution ID: CS-016063
Last Modified: 09-Oct-2015
Date Created: 05-Oct-2004
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