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The Intel® RAID Module RMS2LL040 and RMS2LL080 provide reliable and faulttolerant disk subsystem management based on the Intel® Entry Hardware RAID (IR) Stack. This is an ideal RAID solution for the internal large capacity storage needs of mid to low-end servers and workstations for use by workgroups and departmental-sized organizations or individuals. The Intel® RAID Module RMS2LL040 and RMS2LL080 offer a cost-effective way to implement RAID in a server for internal storage.

This is the primary hardware guide for the Intel® RAID Module RMS2LL040 and RMS2LL080 (also known as Intel® Integrated RAID Controller RMS2LL040 and RMS2LL080), which can be used to manage SAS and SATA disk drives. It contains installation instructions and specifications.

For details on configuring the storage adapters, and for an overview of the software drivers, see the Intel® RAID Software User’s Guide.

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Date: July 2010

This applies to:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2LL040
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2LL080

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