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Intel® Remote Management Module Compatibility Matrix

The Intel® Remote Management Module (Intel® RMM) is a small form-factor mezzanine card that enables remote KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) and media redirection on your server system, from the built-in Web Console, from anywhere, at any time.

Different versions of the Intel® RMM are compatible with different families of Intel® Server Boards and Systems. The most current Intel® Remote Management Module RMM4 (Intel® RMM4) is compatible with Intel® Server Boards and Systems based on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 V3.

Intel® Server Board or System Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3) Intel® Remote Management Module 2 (Intel® RMM2)
H2000LP Family Supported Not Supported Not Supported
P4000CP Family
P4000IP Family
P4000SC Family
P4304BT Family
R1000EP Family
R1000GL Family
R1000GZ Family
R1000SP Family
R1000WT Family
R1304BT Family
R2000GL Family
R2000GZ Family
R2000WT Family
S1400FP Family
S1400SP Family
S2400EP Family
S2400GP Family
S2400LP Family
S2400SC Family
S2600CO Family
S2600CP Family
S2600CW Family
S2600IP Family
S2600KP Family
S2600WT Family
W2600CR Family
S3420GP Family2 Not Supported RMM3 Lite and RMM3 may be supported depending on SKU2 Not Supported
SR1640TH Not Supported Only the RMM3 Lite-V is supported
S5500BC3 Not Supported Supported
S5520HC / S5520HCT
S5000PAL / S5000XAL Not Supported Not Supported Supported4
S5000PSL Family/ S5000XSL
1 The S1200BTL supports the Intel® RMM4. The S1200BTS does NOT support the Intel® RMM4.
2 Only the S3420GPRX SKU supports the RMM3 Lite. The S3420GPLX supports the Intel® RMM3.
3 The Intel® Server System SR1630BC is not compatible with the RMM3 due to physical space limitation. The pedestal SKUs do not have this limitation.
4 See Technical Advisory 927 and Action Alert 896 for installation assistance.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S1200BT
Intel® Server Board S1400FP Family
Intel® Server Board S1400SP Family
Intel® Server Board S2400EP Family
Intel® Server Board S2400GP Family
Intel® Server Board S2400LP Family
Intel® Server Board S2400SC Family
Intel® Server Board S2600CO Family
Intel® Server Board S2600CP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600CW Family
Intel® Server Board S2600GL
Intel® Server Board S2600GZ
Intel® Server Board S2600IP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600JF
Intel® Server Board S2600KP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600WP
Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family
Intel® Server Board S3420GP Family
Intel® Server Board S5000PAL
Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family
Intel® Server Board S5400SF
Intel® Server Board S5500BC
Intel® Server Board S5500HCV
Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Intel® Server Board S5520HC
Intel® Server Board S5520UR
Intel® Server System H2000LP Family
Intel® Server System P4000CP Family
Intel® Server System P4000IP Family
Intel® Server System P4000SC Family
Intel® Server System P4304BT Family
Intel® Server System R1000EP Family
Intel® Server System R1000GL Family
Intel® Server System R1000GZ Family
Intel® Server System R1000SP Family
Intel® Server System R1000WT Family
Intel® Server System R1304BT Family
Intel® Server System R2000GL Family
Intel® Server System R2000GZ Family
Intel® Server System R2000WT Family
Intel® Server System S7000FC4UR
Intel® Server System SC5400RA
Intel® Server System SC5650HCBRP
Intel® Server System SR1625UR
Intel® Server System SR1630BC
Intel® Server System SR1630GP
Intel® Server System SR1640TH
Intel® Server System SR1690WB
Intel® Server System SR2600UR Family
Intel® Server System SR2612UR
Intel® Server System SR2625UR Family
Intel® Storage Server SSR212MC2
Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC
Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR Family
Intel® Workstation System SC5650SCWS

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Last Modified: 27-Aug-2015
Date Created: 25-Mar-2009
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