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Intel® Server Board S1200KP
Tested Chassis List (65W or Less TDP Only)

The tested mini-ITX chassis listed below are specific for the Intel® Server Board S1200KP.

This chassis list is provided to Intel resellers to aid in the system integration process. These chassis meet the minimum thermal and mechanical fit compatibility to support the processors used on the Intel Server Board S1200KP. The power supplies have not been validated to meet the electrical requirements of the processor or the system. A simple boot test was used to ensure power supply and motherboard compatibility. These chassis were tested under worst case ambient conditions of 35C.

An Intel® Processor with a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 65 watts is recommended. Exceeding 65W TDP might not meet the thermal and mechanical design specifications. Verify your system configuration meets thermal specifications published by Intel.

Mini-ITX chassis list:

Vendor Model H (mm) W (mm) Depth (mm) Volume (L) Optical Drive Hard Drive Add-in Card VESA Brackets Power Supply
Antec* ISK 300/310 95 215 305 6.23 Slim 1x 2.5 1x low profile External
Ark* CS-P101BS 380 240 230 20.98 Standard 1x 3.5 1x full height ATX 300W
Avance* Q001 99 345 403 13.76 Slim 1x 3.5 1x low profile Flex ATX 250W (80+ Bronze)
Foxconn* RS233 95 282 280 7.5 Standard 1x 3.5 1x low profile Internal 150W
G-Alantic* GA6700 286 270 85 6.56 Slim 1x 3.5 2X Low profile Flex ATX 180W
G-Alantic* GA6701 285 310 70 6.18 Slim 1x 3.5 2X Low profile External 180W
Gigabyte* MIB (Monitor Integrated Box) T5140/T5142 65 445 250 7.23 Standard 1x 3.5 None Y External 95W
HEC (Compucase)* 8K Series (8K01, 8K07, 8K12) 70 265 290 5.38 Slim 1x 3.5 None Flex ATX 200W
In-Win* BP series 265 100 310 8.22 Standard 1x 3.5 1x 3.5 TFX 200W
Silverstone* SG05 222 176 276 10.78 Slim 1x 3.5 1x full height SFX 300W
Silverstone* SG07 190 220 350 14.63 Slim 1x 3.5 1x full height (double width) ATX 600W (80+ Bronze)
Thermal take* SD-100 70 267 330 6.17 Slim 1x 3.5 None Custom
Yeong Yang* C5xx 95 250 250 5.94 Slim 1x 2.5 or 3.5 1x low profile Flex ATX 200W
Chenbro* SR301 310 200 270 18.4 None 4x3.5, 2x2.5 1x low profile ATX option
WINSYS* Wi-02 270 90 265 6.45 Slim 1x3.5" 1x low profile TFX
100W, 200W option

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S1200KP

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Last Modified: 30-Oct-2014
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