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Performance tuning can be a simple and straightforward process, providing useful gains in overall system performance. This guide describes ways to increase system performance by tuning (or overclocking) the various subsystems of the desktop board.

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DZ87KLT-75K Overclocking Assistant (PDF) icon
File name: DZ87KLT-75K_Overclocking_Assistant_June2013.pdf
Size: 2,140 KB
Date: June 2013
DZ77GA-70K & DZ77RE-75K Performance Tuning Guide (PDF) icon
File name: DZ77GA-70K_DZ77RE-75K_PerfTuningGuide01.pdf
Size: 1,549 KB
Date: November 2012
DP67BG Performance Tuning Guide (PDF) icon
File name: DP67BG_PerfTuningGuide01.pdf
Size: 1,309 KB
Date: December 2010
DH67BL Performance Tuning Guide (PDF) icon
File name: DH67BL_PerfTuningGuide01.pdf
Size: 653 KB
Date: February 2011
DX58SO2 & DX58OG Performance Tuning Guide (PDF) icon
File name: DX58SO2_DX58OG_PerfTuningGuide01.pdf
Size: 999 KB
Date: May 2011
DP55KG & DP55SB Performance Tuning Guide (PDF) icon
File name: Performance Tuning Guide v1.4.pdf
Size: 523 KB
Date: October 2009

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This applies to:

Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL
Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG
Intel® Desktop Board DP55SB
Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG
Intel® Desktop Board DX58OG
Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO2
Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K
Intel® Desktop Board DZ77RE-75K
Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K

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