IntelŪ PentiumŪ III Processor for the SC242 at 450 MHz to 1.0 GHz Datasheet

The Intel® Pentium® III processor is the next member of the P6 family, in the Intel IA-32 processor line. Like the Intel® Pentium® II processor, the Intel Pentium III processor implements the Dynamic Execution microarchitecture - a unique combination of multiple branch prediction, data flow analysis, and speculative execution. This enables these processors to deliver higher performance than the Intel Pentium processor, while maintaining binary compatibility with all previous Intel Architecture processors. The Pentium III processor also executes Intel® MMX™ technology instructions for enhanced media and communication performance just as its predecessor, the Intel Pentium II processor. The Intel Pentium III processor executes Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions for enhanced floating-point and 3-D application performance. In addition, the Intel Pentium III processor extends the concept of processor identification with the addition of a processor serial number. Refer to the Intel Processor Serial Number application note (Document Number 245125) for more detailed information. The Intel Pentium III processor utilizes multiple low-power states such as AutoHALT, Stop-Grant, Sleep, and Deep Sleep to conserve power during idle times.

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