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Pentium® Processors with MMX™ Technology
Low power
Product Overview
The 166MHz and 266MHz Low-power Pentium® processors with MMX™ technology offer many advantages for embedded designers, including high performance, low power, and extended temperatures. The processor family is available in a new surface-mountable 352-ball HL-PBGA (high thermal, low profile, plastic ball grid array) package, in addition to a Socket 7 (296-pin PPGA) package.

Low Power
These processors offer the lowest power consumption in the Pentium processor family, as they are based on Intel's 0.25 micron manufacturing process. These processors provide simplified, lower cost thermal management solutions for embedded system designs. With core voltages of only 1.9V and I/O voltages of 2.5V, the maximum power dissipation at 266MHz is merely 7.6W.

Extended Temperatures
The Pentium processor in the HL-PBGA package is also available in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +115°C. The 430TX PCIset is also available in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C ambient. When combined with the extended temperature Pentium processor, these are an optimized solution for Interactive Clients, Industrial, and Communications applications.

Embedded Packaging Options
The Low-power Embedded Pentium processor with MMX technology is available in two packaging options:

  • The new small surface mount 352-ball HL-PBGA.
  • The 296-lead PPGA (Socket 7) package.
The HL-PBGA package has a small 35x35mm footprint, and is also very thin at only 1.45mm high. This small form factor is the solution to high-performance, small form factor requirements.

Low-power Pentium processors with MMX™ technology
Order Code Speed
External Bus
Frequency (MHz)
Active Power
Dissipation (Max)
Tcase Package
FV80503CSM66166 166 + MMX™ technology 66 2/5 2.9W 1.9v/2.5v 0-+85°C 296 pin PPGA
FV80503CSM66266 266 + MMX™ technology 66 1/4 4.5W 1.9v/2.5v 0-+85°C 296 pin PPGA
GC80503CSM66166 166 + MMX™ technology 66 2/5 2.3W 1.8v/2.5v 0-+95°C 352 ball HL-PBGA
GC80503CSM66266 266 + MMX™ technology 66 1/4 4.5W 2.0v/2.5v 0-+95°C 352 ball HL-PBGA
GC80503CS166EXT 166 + MMX™ technology 66 2/5 2.3W 1.8v/2.5v -40-+115°C 352 ball HL-PBGA

Performance Features

  • MMX technology
  • 16KB code and data caches
  • High-performance floating point unit
  • Enhanced 64-bit data bus
  • Data integrity features
  • Branch prediction
  • Performance monitoring and execution tracing
  • 4 Mbyte memory page size feature

Intel® 82430TX PCIset
The Low-power Embedded Pentium processor with MMX technology is supported by the Intel 430TX chipset, also on Intel's embedded roadmap. The 430TX chipset is a high integration, 2-chip BGA solution that enables new applications by delivering mobile-style power management and high performance.

Features Benefits
Optimized for Pentium processor with MMX technology Maximize performance of media rich applications
Dynamic Power management Architecture Enhanced power savings with user control and flexibility with support for ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
SDRAM Support Highest memory bandwidth, reduced memory access times and ability to mix and match with EDO memory
USB Support Plug and Play peripheral connectivity supporting the latest generation of digital I/O
Concurrent PCI Optimized performance through improved CPU utilization. Also enables adding new PCI card features without system degradation
UltraDMA hard drive protocol Greater I/O throughput allows faster downloads