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Intel® CE 5037
DVB-S PayTV* Tuner
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Intel® CE 5037 The Intel® CE 5037 DVB-S2 and DVB-S PayTV* satellite tuner is a fully integrated L band zero intermediate frequency (ZIF) tuner that meets the performance requirements of the European Broadcast Union ETS 300-421 and ETS 301-790 (8PSK mode). The Intel CE 5037 PayTV satellite tuner features a programmable RF loop-through, independent RF and IF automatic gain control (AGC), and fully integrated "power and forget" voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and baseband filters that require no calibration, alignment or temperature/aging compensation.

The baseband channel filters have continuously programmable bandwidth for 1 to 45 Msps operation. The Intel CE 5037 PayTV satellite tuner is optimized for high-intermodulation performance at low power consumption and includes software/hardware power-down modes for Energy Star* requirements.
Product information
Satellite receiver application
Intel supports the Intel® CE 5037 PayTV satellite tuner with a reference design for the DVB-S PayTV market segment. This reference design uses the Intel® CE 6313 QPSK DSS/DVB-S Demodulator and enables you to quickly evaluate and implement the DSS/ DVB-S standard for your application.

The solution includes complete documentation and test results, with software supported directly by Intel. It offers excellent signal-handling performance at very low power consumption and is optimized for the specific field requirements of the PayTV market segment.
Product features

Intel® CE 5037 DVB PayTV* Satellite Tuner
  • Performance compliance standards
    • ETSi ETS301 790 DVB-S2 (8PSK)
    • ETSi ETS300 421 DVB-S
    • DirecTV for DSS
  • Programmable RF loop-through
  • High sensitivity <–83 dBm at 27.5 Msps
  • Independent RF and IF AGC control
  • Fifth-order baseband filters with bandwidth adjustable from 6 to 43 MHz
  • Fully integrated—alignment free—"power and forget" baseband filters and VCOs
  • Low power consumption from 3v3 supply
    • Less than 510 mW (typical) normal operation—RF loop-through enabled
    • Eco-friendly standby 10 mW and sleep modes 0.7 mW
  • Operational temperature range -10 to +85°C
  • Compact 28-pin QFN 5x5 mm package
Simplified design
  • Full RF and IF "on-chip" integrated feature set
    • VCOs and PLL frequency synthesizer
    • Baseband filters
    • RF loop-through
    • RF and IF AGC control
  • Simple programmability using 2-wire bus interface
  • Full front-end receiver designs for PayTV applications using the Intel CE 6313 demodulator
Customer support
  • Offered with a production-ready reference design optimized for the DVB-S/DSS PayTV market segment