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Editor’s Pick: Virtual Desktop Windows* 7

Brian Madden

Editor's Pick: Madden on Intelligent Desktop Virtualization

Brian Madden Reacts to Intel’s Vision

Brian Madden doesn’t see Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) making sense for the corporate masses anytime soon. Given what he sees as the Big 3’s (Microsoft, Citrix and VMware) misguided focus on “post-PCs” rather than traditional Windows desktops, he wonders which vendor will take the lead in “transforming” desktops in the current wave of Microsoft Windows* 7 migrations. He likes what he heard from Intel at VMworld, where it introduced Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV). The tenets of IDV are 1) manage centrally, execute locally; 2) layered images, delivered intelligently; and 3) use as many device-native capabilities as possible. He likes it because it’s applicable to all environments.

He says: “Intel has a good story here, which I guess makes sense since I assume they'd like to sell lots of processors on rich clients or whatever they're calling them. But I'm fine with that, because as a user, I want my client to be as rich as possible.”

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