Smart gets personal; Smarter gets personal best

Get smarter workouts with the new BioSport* in-ear headphones by SMS Audio, powered by Intel

Smarter gets personal best

Imagine combining your love of music with your passion for fitness in one easy-to-use, wearable device. No extra straps, no bulky monitors, no worrying about battery life. New BioSport* in-ear headphones by SMS Audio are simplified, smarter ear buds that integrate Intel® technology and SMS Audio studio quality sound. The self-charging system uses in-ear pulse sensors that sync with the RunKeeper* app for an easy-to-use, wearable experience that tracks and enables your personal best.

Consistent biometric technology

Simplify your workout and leave the chest strap at home. The unique in-ear heart rate monitor wires directly to your mobile device for consistent heart rate monitoring.

Exceptional sound

The highest caliber of studio-mastered sound and custom ear gels for working out in stylish comfort to motivating music. Plus the headphones are IPX4-rated for protection against sweat and resistance to water.

Integrated charging

BioSport in-ear headphones by SMS Audio were designed for your active lifestyle. The 3.5-mm, gold-plated audio jack provides on-the-go power without needing to be charged or using batteries.

Sync with RunKeeper*

The seamless compatibility with popular fitness app RunKeeper, tracks your heart rate, pace, distance, elevation, calorie burn, and custom routines, for maximizing fitness results. Additional app support is planned for the future.